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For a stress-free life, try exercise

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

Exercise is a great way to optimise energy systems to ensure your body is dialed in to make the most of your work and leisure. Whether your goal is to be able to carry the groceries to your car comfortably or run and ultra, exercise boosts the work capacity of your body and mind.

Getting into the routine of daily exercise is often a chance to unload the responsibilities of life and practise moving meditation whilst in the gym or out in nature. I've often had Eureka moments out jogging that have helped me through stages in my life.

The endorphins you feel during a session will stay with you during the day and enhance your mood, which boosts the cognitive satisfaction derived from committing to, and completing, a workout.

For many, exercise is also an opportunity to multi-task and catch up on some socialising either with your fitness partner or your chosen instructor.

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