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10 ways to stay motivated about your fitness routine

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

  1. Be process oriented, derive satisfaction from knowing that you'll progress from session to session.

  2. Also set a goal to improve your fitness parameters every month.

  3. Train with friends &/or family. Company can decrease perceived effort.

  4. Hire a coach or trainer so that you know what you're doing is the best applicable routine for you and your goals.

  5. Become involved in the equipment and clothing you choose. Discuss and read up on reviews and the latest advances so that you have technological know-how on your side.

  6. Get into a routine. If you have trouble initiating your training, book in a session with your trainer and when going solo set yourself a time every day for training.

  7. When possible, explore new places to exercise and immerse yourself in the environment.

  8. Spend some time in nature whether it be walking, running, climbing, cycling or PT, to decrease cortisol and enhance well-being.

  9. Try mentoring a friend or family member to increase their activity level and encourage them to participate in the things you are passionate about.

  10. Focus on recovery for body and mind between tough days and rekindle the motivation through good food, company and, importantly, sleep.

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