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Your Functional Body the Way You Want It
by Saxon Johns

Getting in shape shouldn’t be a punishment. It’s an amazing and empowering lifestyle decision that anyone can make. I believe in finding the pleasurable side of fitness, and while there may be a sore muscle or two along the way, the benefits of fitness are worth it. I have developed my training regime by working with a variety of people and always love adapting my programme to new clients. It includes general strengthening & conditioning to make daily activities more manageable, as well as preventing sport and lifestyle injuries which can result from an under-developed musculoskeletal system. The outcome is body composition changes, better energy levels and a great sense of achievement.
I bring to the table over 30 years of elite level training from humble beginnings as a keen schoolboy to 3 National Titles in Sport Climbing in 2001, 02 & 17. Although climbing has been my prioritised activity, I have supplemented it with PT and cardio support including the 50km Ultra Trail Australia with 2400+m of elevation change, and a 2nd place in The Polaris 2 day Mountain Bike Orienteering Race.

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What People Are Saying

Saxon is quite simply one of the best multi-dimensional problem solvers there is.  He applies his extensive vertical / horizontal, cerebral / cellular expertise to get the best out of himself and anyone he interacts with.  Over the last 20 years it's been a joy to learn so much from him and reach some of the goals we set together. Onwards for the next 20 years!

Dr T O'Neill

You'd be hard-pushed to find a more patient, encouraging and knowledgeable trainer than Saxon. He brings his considerable experience and deep interest in all matters 'training' to every session. My goals have been surpassed again and again from working with him!

Denby Weller

I started working with Saxon back in 2018 in the lead up to the Climbing World Championships. Saxon was such a fantastic resource and approached my training with a wide and simultaneously specific view. While training to reach my goals prior to the event Saxon did everything from providing programming, face-to-face sessions (keeping me accountable, very important), constant advice and feedback, and continuing my own education by providing and discussing articles and podcasts to give me the tools to be able to train independently. My performance improved hugely while I was working with Saxon and I learnt massively how to get the best out of myself through his coaching. There are very few people I would trust as a coach but Saxon is definitely top of that list.

Emma Horan

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